My interest in health and nutrition started off personal, but my personal investigations soon had to turn into deeper research, reading, and personal trial and error. After years of looking and also trying out many different models, I presented my own synthetic view of healthy human diet and healthy food production in "Outlines of a Unified Evolutionary Theory of Human and Environmental Health," (9 Jul 2017).

Another post the falls under this topic is my review essay on Jason Fung's book, The Obesity Code, "Only the faster profits: A powerful health measure and why it is unadvertised" (22 Apr 2016).

In The Unbearable Lightness of Martian Gravity: Health, Evolution, and Colonization (14 Dec 2016), I use an evolutionary perspective and available preliminary research on non-Earth gravity mammalian reproduction (the failure of it) to question the feasibility of Mars colonization plans, emphasizing biological rather than technical constraints.

The resources I recommend people read and watch to follow up on the many ideas and claims so synthesized are on my evo-health resources page.